Honeybee Discovery Center

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Honeybee Discovery Center - Orland, CA

Closeup of Honeybee

The first interactive exhibit and museum of its kind, the Honeybee Discovery Center will teach the importance of pollinators, including bees, especially honey bees, in our environment—share the history of beekeeping, a stewardship of our environment—and offer a pollinator garden.

Flowering Orchard

From Evolution to Observation

The Honeybee Discovery Center will take the visitor from the past to the present, as bees and humans adapt to the challenges of an ever-changing world. Foremost, it will provide a unique opportunity to observe and study honey bees scientifically and socially.

Bee hives in Orchard

Bees and Blossoms

There exists a clearly-defined nexus between pollinators and our food supply—especially almonds. Nestled in “The Valley of the Queens,” The Honeybee Discovery Center’s permanent exhibits will include an in-depth emphasis on beekeeping and California’s almond industry, and the queen bees produced in this unique microclimate known as Northern California.